online summer school ended

Due to the current situation, this year's summer school did not take place in the usual premises of the physics center in Bad Honnef, but online. The regular program consisting of basic plasma physics and a master class on special topics could not take place as usual. Nevertheless, all teachers have agreed to hold the basic lectures in zoom-meetings. The summer school was extended to two weeks with two lectures per day. This year more people could participate in the summer school due to the online version.

The lectures were technically flawless and the feedback from students and teachers was very positive. Many discussions and interactions could be made possible due to the high commitment of the teachers. Two practical workshops were also held by L. L. Alves on theoretical topics and N. Braithwaite on the Paschen curve.


The organization team of the summer school would like to thank all all persons involved in the summer school for their great commitment.

International School on Low Temperature Plasma Physics: Basics and Applications

The aim of the course is aquaint students with the present status of the field of low temperature plasma physics. It is assumed that the students have followed introductory physics courses at their home university. However, the basic principles will be summarized at the beginning of the course. The course offers a broadening of knowledge in plasma physics and in the interaction of plasmas with surfaces including a description of advanced diagnostics. In addition, the students will be able to interact with the teachers of the course and they will meet fellow students from other universities in Europe and the rest of the world. Participants are invited to bring with them presentation material in form of posters.


Well-known experts...

in the field will present lectures in the following areas:

  • fundamentals of plasma physics,
  • plasma sources,
  • thermal and low pressure plasmas,
  • atomic processes,
  • electron kinetics,
  • diagnostics and plasma spectroscopy,
  • modeling,
  • plasma-surface interactions,...


Venue: Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany



Organisation of the Summer School

The 25th Summer School (2020) on plasma physics is organized by Richard Engeln and Ana Sobota from the TU Eindhoven (link to PMP and EPG).






Please follow the Registration link to register for the summer school 2020. Registration for the summer school is possible from March 1st, 2021 until July 15th, 2021

For more details concerning the registration, see Registration.


Forthcoming Dates 

  • 2021:
    School: October 2nd to 7th
    Master Class: October 7th to 9th