Luís L. Alves

AlvesLuís L. Alves was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He received the PhD degree in Physics from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon Technical University (1993) and he was a postdoctoral fellow at Laboratoire de Physique des Gaz et des Plasmas (France) in 1997. He is a Professor of Physics at IST and the Head of the group N-Plasmas Reactive: Modelling and Engineering (N-PRiME) of Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear (IPFN) with IST. His field of work is the modelling and simulation of low-temperature plasmas, using a research methodology that involves the formulation of the problem, the development / updating of a numerical tool, including its verification through benchmarking against other codes, and the validation of the physical model by comparison with the experiment. Over the years he has developed many different numerical codes, extending from the numerical solution of the electron Boltzmann equation to the development of multi-dimensional dynamic models for reactive gas/plasma systems. Recently, he launched the basis for the synergistic development of the LIsbOn Kinetics (LoKI) numerical code and the associated KInetic Testbed (KIT). His research focuses on the study of microwave and radio-frequency discharges, of interest for material science, biological and environmental applications.


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