Thomas Trottenberg

TrottenbergThomas Trottenberg is researcher and teacher at Kiel University in Germany. He received his doctoral degree in the field of complex plasmas in 2006, in which he had been researching until then. After that, he shifted his interests to plasma and beam diagnostics, sputtering, and electric space propulsion. In the early years as a postdoctoral researcher, he explored, motivated by his expertise in dusty plasmas, the feasibility of space propulsion by means of charged and electrostatically accelerated microparticles. Working with broad-beam ion sources for materials processing, the path was paved for focusing on electric thrusters that can be considered as repurposed ion sources (or vice-versa). Dr. Trottenberg also researched the sputtering of materials by particle beams, which is very important for both industrial applications and electric space propulsion. To this purpose, he developed and patented a novel beam diagnostic for momentum flux ("force probe"). Currently, he is involved in the development of an in-flight plasma diagnostics package for a satellite with electric thrusters. Besides his research, he is responsible for the Advanced Physical Internship (lab courses) at his university.

Key publications

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