Tuesday: Excursion to RADOM in Wachtenberg (NRW)

Everyone in the region knows the "sphere" - with a diameter of 47.5 metres the world's largest radome - for our space observation radar TIRA as a highly visible feature. But very few people know exactly what is hidden under the radome. That is why we receive a great many requests for visits every year.


Meeting at 13:30 (at front entrance)

Back at PBH at ~19:00 (if you take the bus)


source: wikipedia.org


Tuesday: Workshops (~ 14:00)

1) Hands on a Boltzmann solver


2) Spectroscopy

3) How to get plasma parameters? From theory to reality.

For further information, please check the Workshop Website.




The hiking tour is self-organized, the map can be downloaded here.

One option is to go to Drachenfels (Siebengebirge) ("Dragon's Rock").

Hiking Map (area around Physikzentrum)  (3.2 MB)