Kristof Holste

Kristof HolsteKristof Holste obtained his PhD in the field of atomic physics in 2012 from the Justus Liebig University (JLU) of Giessen. In the following years, he was involved in setting up a facility for measuring photoionisation cross sections at the Deutsches Elektronensychrotron (DESY) and conducted experiments of the same kind at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley (USA). As part of the Excellence Initiative of the State of Hesse (LOEWE funding), he has also been involved in research activities at JLU within the framework of inductively coupled radio frequency ion thrusters since 2012. His focus is on developing and improving diagnostics as well as investigating the applicability of alternative propellants for ion thrusters. He is principal investigator in several DLR, EU and ESA projects. Since 2017, he is responsible for the technical-administrative matters and deputy director of the electric propulsion research group at JLU. 


Key publications

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